LDP Food Package

Please be advised this is a food package, individual meals can not be purchased.

All food packages required must be booked and paid in full with your final balance.

Breakfast @ 10.00 and Dinner @ 5.30 

Breakfast Baguette - Bank delivery

Baguette filled with bacon, sausages and scrambled egg with red or brown sauce.

Full English Breakfast - Restaurant

Bacon, sausages, fried eggs, mushrooms and baked beans served in the restaurant.
The hot water urn and toaster will be available when breakfast is served in the restaurant from 9.30 please help yourself to tea, coffee and toast. 
There is also a selection of cereals, jam and marmalade for you.


Breakfast: NA
Dinner: (Bank delivery) - Chilli and rice with tortilla chips and optional grated cheese.


Breakfast: (Bank delivery) - Breakfast Baguette.
Dinner: (Restaurant) - Roast chicken with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, mixed vegetables and gravy.
Dessert: (Restaurant) - Chocolate waffle.


Breakfast: (Restaurant) - Full English Breakfast. 
Dinner: (Bank delivery) - BBQ burger with chips and separate salad box with cheese and sauce.


Breakfast: (Bank delivery) - Breakfast Baguette.
Dinner: (Restaurant) - Cumberland sausage with mash potatoes, peas and onion gravy.
Dessert: (Restaurant) - Caramel banana split.


Breakfast: (Restaurant) - Full English Breakfast. 
Dinner: (Bank delivery) - Chicken curry and rice with bread. 


Breakfast: (Bank delivery) - Breakfast Baguette.
Dinner: (Restaurant) - Premiere pie with gravy and mixed vegetables.
Dessert: (Restaurant) - Chocolate brownie


Breakfast: (Restaurant) - Full English Breakfast. 
Dinner: (Bank delivery) - BBQ chicken and chorizo kebabs with pitta bread, chips and separate salad box with sauce.