LDP Rules

Micro Barbed Hooks Only

No Sacking Fish

No Leadcore or any type of Leaders

No Braided Mainline

3 Rods Per Angler

No Bait Boats

Only particle supplied from us is allowed

No Nuts of any kind

No Maggots

No Plastic Baits

Anglers arrival time 12:30pm Saturday

No Dogs or Pets

No Unattended Rods

No Drugs

Spod / Spomb Floats must be used

No Excessive Alcohol

Your Nets and Floatation Slings must be completely dry

We supply Unhooking Mats

No Shelf Life Boilies


Please use bins provided


YELLOW LID - Tins, Cans, Bottle Lids,Plastic & Cardboard Only.

PURPLE LID - All other rubbish.


Throwing litter including cigarette butts or going to toilet anywhere apart from the toilets will not be tolerated.

We take pride in keeping the complex clean and tidy so please be respectful of our efforts.