Peg 4

This double peg has its own parking bay at the far end of the lake between pegs 5 and 6.

This is where your vehicle must be parked but you can unload your equipment at the turning point which leads to the path back down to your peg which is around 150 yards so a barrow is advised.

This peg has a huge amount of water and is directly opposite the reeds on the far side approximate distance 170 yards at the furthest point
The carp do hold up in the safe zone here before venturing out to feed mainly at night so having a bait at range can really be effective here.

27 wraps rule doesn't apply here as there is no anglers fishing from the far side but as a rule of thumb the most productive range is around 23 wraps and more comfortable to keep the bait going in throughout your week.

The right hand side of this peg is mainly decked so we do provide screws washers and a screw gun to fix your bivvy to the deck making this a very comfortable base.

If you have an oversize bivvy there is the option of positioning on the ground area of the peg or swapping sides with your friend sharing the peg whos bivvy is a more suitable size.