Peg 6

Our biggest double peg also with its own parking bay at the peg. This peg varies quite a bit in range depending on water levels (rain fall)

Yet again with no restrictions on wrap rules it's always an advantage to be able to cast further if the situation arises that the carp are out that bit further

Getting to the reeds from here is around 160+yards so quite a bit of work for the week hitting this range with bait but this isn't as mentioned always necessary

Maybe if possible getting some single baits out at 35 wraps to start off can pick up some early bites but again getting the bait in as your feature can pull the carp in at a more comfortable range of 25 wraps

Getting too close to the reeds can leave your rig sitting in shallow water in the summer time as the water levels drop but all around this area is full of carp feeding and flanking holes so doing a bit of homework with the marker rod finding these spots can be a massive advantage